Request for information


Hi there!

In order to make sure I'm getting as much info as possible please make sure you address the following in your email when approaching me for a commission. This will ensure I can create your exact vision to the best of my abilities!

  • Illustration size and number of illustrations (if relevant).
  • Preferred finish (original artwork, a print, digital file)
  • Submission date.
  • Image use/purpose e.g. is it a gift? Is it for promotional use? This will ensure I provide you the correct licensing if appropriate.
  • Work I've done that inspired this commission (if applicable).
  • Any relevant reference material (e.g. images, web links, videos etc).
  • Your budget (for businesses only).

You can email me your request at

Upon receiving this information I'll be in touch with you within 1-3 business days to advise you whether or not I am available to do it.

Please note if I do not hear from you after two weeks of accepting the commission I will be forced to take on other work elsewhere.