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Will you do a commission for me?
Most of the time yes but it really depends on how busy I am when you get in touch. Please ensure you've checked out my Request For Information page before emailing me. You can email me at if you'd like to pitch a commission.

What mediums do you use?
I primarily work in traditional media such as watercolours, gouache, fine liner and pencils. I do also occasionally work digitally but it's not my go-to.

Can you design a logo for me?
No. I'm not a graphic designer, I have extremely limited marketing experience and frankly I don't find that sort of work satisfying (seriously I have to force myself to do my own branding).

Can I have a print rather than the original artwork? Or vice versa?
Absolutely, I'm happy to discuss this with you upon receiving your email.

Can I get a digital version of an image rather than a print or an original?
Yes but it will be locked and for conditioned use only.

Why do I need a license to use your work?
A license ensures my work is being credited to me upon it's desired use and that I'm being paid fairly for the work I've done. This isn't applicable to every commission.

How much do you charge?
My fees vary depending on the project, however for all projects I require 50% of payment upon approval of the sketches and the final 50% upon completion of the commission.

How do I pay you?
At this stage if you're an Australian resident payment via bank transfer is preferred (this is something I'll discuss with you). I also have a account for international clients (please note I am looking at alternatives so this may not be relevant, please email to check).

Etsy store and buying originals

Will you be adding more items to your Etsy store?
I will be! There are a couple of things in the works but most items won't be available until 2018.

Can I buy an original painting?
If you email me I'd be happy to discuss this with you.

Can you make me a custom temporary tattoo?
Unless you're buying a large quantity of them I'm afraid not.

Can you make me an original zine?
Yes but this is more of a commission task, please email me so we can discuss this further.

My order hasn't arrived and it's been forever! Where is it?? I'm holding you personally responsible!!
I am so sorry, if you order hasn't arrived within three weeks please send me a message on Etsy and we'll resolve the issue.

Art supplies of choice and education

What watercolours/gouaches do you use?
I personally love love love Winsor and Newton half pans, ecoline watercolour pots and Winsor and Newton tubes. I love Art Spectrum gouache as well, particularly for space paintings.

And your pens/pencils/markers etc?
I use a lot of Sakura Micron pens, I also love the Sakura brush pen, the Sakura gelly roll in white and Copic sketch and traditional markers. In terms of pencils I just love Prismacolor pencils for sketching and shading on watercolours. I'll also use the Pentel Energel in a 0.7 and the Uniball Signo RT in 0.38 for line work.

Sketchbooks? Paper? Erasers?
I use Canson Heritage Hot Pressed paper for watercolours and gouache, I'm currently working my way through a Milini sketchbook with 180gsm paper for rough sketches and a Moleskine A5 watercolour sketchbook too. I use a Faber Castell no dust eraser.

Where do you buy your art supplies?
A variety of places, currently I buy a majority of supplies from Art Stretchers Northcote, Eckersley's, OMG Temporary Tattoos Collingwood and LarryPost. These are all Australian suppliers.

Where and what did you study?
I studied Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design and Media as my folio subjects in Year 12 at GSC then went on to begin an Honours Degree in Interior Design at RMIT University. During my time studying that course I did a lot of more spatial work and was taught by Pandarosa for a Semester which pushed me to work more graphically than spatially. I dropped out after two years and did a Diploma of Visual Arts at RMIT instead where I learnt a lot of traditional art practices. My majors during my time studying Visual Arts were oil painting, photography and printmaking. 

How did you learn to draw?
I used to take art lessons as a kid after school, I also did extracurricular classes as I got older. When I was studying Visual Arts I learnt how to do life drawing, still life drawing and I also had a (bad) habit of drawing in my lectures (particularly while studying Interior Design).