Chelsea-Lee Elliott


Hopelessly Hopeful

Hey there!
Welcome back to my blog, I hope you’re having a terrific week!

It’s been a bustling and slightly chilly week here in Florida, I’ve been making an effort to get up at 6am most days again so I can get some work done before my husband wakes up so we can hang out in the mornings before he leaves for his shift. That mostly means continuing work on the kinder portraits.

Over on YouTube this week I baked some jam drop biscuits and painted away with gouache. I also shared the final artwork over on Instagram.

I’ve started sharing work that’s a little more vulnerable and honest over on Instagram too because I feel like right now I surely can’t be the only one who has experienced homesickness or sadness.

Lastly I’ve been drawing digitally a lot because it’s a medium that feels very instinctive to me right now. The illustration below won’t be far off being posted on instagram by the time this post goes up but the theory behind it is hopelessly hopeful-ness.

Hopeful stars.jpg

aaaand that’s about it from me this week! I’ve got a few projects on the go that are a little more secretive right now so be sure to visit my Patreon page if you’d like to know more about that!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving! x