A few years ago, Chelsea-Lee Elliott was sitting in an Interior Design lecture at RMIT University and all she could think about was drawing a beard. So she did, much to her lecturer’s disgust. Since then Chelsea hasn’t stopped drawing, she also completed her studies in Visual Arts at RMIT in the process.

Since graduating Chelsea has done a variety of work for not-for-profit’s around Victoria, Australia including The World Literacy Foundation and Early Childhood Management Services. She’s also taken on commissions from people of all walks of life-whether it’s a guitar that needed some vibrance or a cheeky card for a friend, Chelsea is always up for a scribble.

Her favourite things to make are short stories/zines, temporary tattoos and just about anything that involves watercolours. Chelsea films her process and shares her work style on YouTube, another one of her favourite things to do.

You can find her tattoos and other items for sale on Etsy, you can find her work on (almost) all forms of social media and you’ll most likely find Chelsea herself in a park around Melbourne, reading, scribbling or dreaming about her next cup of coffee.